Friday, September 11, 2015

Why is it "illegal" to use hidden recordings in California?

Hummmm, have you ever wondered why it is illegal to secretly record or video tape conversations or meetings in California? Think about it, your boss or an ex or some bully is harassing and or threatening you. You can't get electronic evidence on them, unless of course you advise them that it is being recorded! Good luck with that. I can understand blackmail as a problem, and there are laws against that. Blackmail is a crime and should be. But defending yourself from people trying to abuse or harm you? No, that defiantly should not be illegal.

Now the "real" reason for the law.... think about it a second, it definitely isn't for what I just talked about. Have you realized what the real reason is yet? The real reason is so "We the People" cannot protect ourselves from Government Corruption, plain and simple.

They have cameras all over our streets and public places, they spy and collect our personal information in our tax returns, banks, cells, computers, web sites, emails you name it they are collecting it. They have cams in police cars and now on police vests.

But, should any citizen try to catch a corrupted politician or government official, all hell breaks out! No, I'm not talking about the exposed corruption, I'm talking about the undercover citizen that busted the corrupt politician or official! The only people in California that has more legal protection than our criminals are our pubic officials and politicians!

I should be able to "secretly" record anything and anyone I want, as long as I don't use it for blackmail in regards of criminal activities like extortion, etc. As long as it is for archives, documentation, personal or friends and family protection, property protection, evidence of crimes or corruption, or anything else, as long as it is not to be used in the committing of criminal activity.

We need Retroactive Term Limits, we need to clean house now. Take care and be safe.

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