Friday, September 11, 2015

Iran with a Nuke?

I cannot believe that our White House and BOTH the Democrats AND the Republicans are going to give Iran a nuclear weapon! Iran, a Unitary Theocracy, that has vowed to raise the ISIS flag over our White House and wipe Israel off the map in the next 25 years. Iran, driving and training and promoting international terror. Iran, supporter of ISIS who is "Crucifying" Christians and Muslims, Stabbing off heads, yes I said stabbing, they don't swiftly "Chop" them off. They repeatedly stab around the neck until they have the head in their hands. ISIS, burning people to death, drowning and filming them in cages under water as they try to escape. ISIS who are enslaving women and children for torture, rape and sex! OUR, government is enabling Iran and ISIS at OUR own demise.

While our government has us fighting with each other, breaking us into different groups so we are unorganized. They are stealing more and more power and wealth from US! At the same time giving a sworn enemy of the United States $150 billion and access to nuclear weapons!

As long as "We the People" are sepearted and devided, "We the People" are doomed to "what-ever" they, the govermant wants to take from us or do to us. How has that been working for YOU?

It is time for us all to get together, united as ONE against THEM, to impose and put in RETROACTIVE TERM LIMITS. We need to clean house now!

As long as we allow "Professional Politicians" we allow our lives to slowly be taken away, law by law. It is the Laws that they write to get what they want. Laws that silence us, enslave us, push us into fear of their power. So we reluctantly, give in to all their demands and greed.

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