Global Warming Hoax

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PROOF that Global Warming is a “Natural Occurrence” and is the BIGGEST SCAM ever perpetrated on the American people and the world. All for money via “Carbon Credits” and soon “Carbon Foot-Print Taxes” on YOU!

The Carbon-Credit Factor
by: Victor Lloyd Burgess    San Jose, CA. April 2008

Make-up your own mind before it’s too late to stop the “Carbon Credit Taxes” that will be here soon! Like I said, follow the money! Go see who is profiting from Carbon Credits… my guess is that soon we will all be weighed annually and it reported to the government. Who then determines our “Carbon-Footprint Factor” which is then used to TAX us on everything we do, buy or own. Like our homes, cars, plane tickets, medical plans and resources used, land, foods, water electric and gas bills and soon the very air we breath.... etc, etc, etc .....the “Carbon-Credit Factor”.

I superimposed other relevant data over the chart below…  you tell me if Global Warming can be man-caused. In the chart below you can see that there have been 6 global warming cycles marked in GREY - of which the first 5 was before “Man” or “Modern Man” was even on the planet! As a matter of fact, there were less than 125,000 “cavemen” on the planet, and they were living in the STONE - AGE! All they had was fire. I didn’t look up any information on when the Flintstones were here.

Basically the chart shows the temperature at the Antarctic on the top two BLUE and GREEN lines… with a “dotted” line marking ZERO degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit - or FREEZING.

The bottom line in RED shows the “Ice Pac”  which shows when it was above the dotted line or above freezing and would result in melting or “Global Warming”. Anytime you see the RED line “above” the dotted line, you have melting… “below” the dotted line it is freezing and growing the ice-pack.

Remember the chart reads from RIGHT to LEFT, the RIGHT side being 450,000 years ago.

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I really don’t care what or how you want to present ANY THEORY or RATIONAL to argue that man is the cause or has any influence on the “Global Warming” scam… it CAN’T be believed, if it can’t explain how the “Global Warming” happened BEFORE WE WERE HERE!

Now what bothers me is if you look at the temperature cycles from the RIGHT to the LEFT, you can see more “erratic” or “volatile” temperature readings increasing erratic behavior on each cycle… I think we need to look at the earth’s orbit around the sun and our solar systems movement through the universe for that answer… All I can say is that we can spend ALL the Earth’s Nation’s wealth to try and reduce our impact on the issue, which will only make certain OTHER people wealthy on all those “Carbon Credits”. But, we won’t have any effect on the “Natural Warming” cycle.

By the way, do YOU know who stands to profit the most on this SCAM? Like I said, follow the money! Go see who is profiting from Carbon Credits…

IF, this chart IS accurate and NOT under dispute, then “Global Warming” IS a natural and recurring planetary reality. Also, that means that this planet has spent only about 80,000 years or about 18% of this time “Warmed up” and about 370,000 years or about 82% of that last 450,000 years FROZEN!

If you look at the Table below you can see that between the years 2000 and 3200 BC or 5,200 years ago is when man-kind went from the “Neolithic” stone-age, through the “Bronze-Age” and the “Iron-Age” and Modern-days of today, and will ALL fit in the last half of the LAST GREY cycle!

So how did WE have ANYTHING to do with the previous 4 or 5 cycles?
What we need to worry about is that we are nearing the End of THIS warming cycle...

Years Ago
Age of Humankind
6 Billion
2000 AD
2000 - 1900 AD
Modern Civilization
50 Million
1300 BC
539 - 1300 BC
the Iron Age

BC1087 - 3200 BC
the Bronze Age

6000 BC
3000 - 6000 BC
the New Stone Age - Neolithic
4 Million
10,000 BC
6000 - 10,000 BC
the Middle Stone Age - Mesolithic

48,000 BC
10,000 - 2.5 mil BC
the Old Stone Age - Paleolithic
98,000 BC
100,000 BC - 2000 AD
the First Modern Humans

2 million
1.998 mil BC
48,000 - 2 mil BC
the First Humans

The first solid evidence of human use of fire in Eurasia as early as 790,000 years ago has been found in excavations in Israel conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute of Archaeology.

NOTE (for the Ice Temperature Changes chart above): This figure shows the Antarctic temperature changes during the last several glacial/interglacial cycles of the present ice age and a comparison to changes in global ice volume. The present day is on the left.

The first two curves shows local changes in temperature at two sites in Antarctica as derived from deuterium isotopic measurements (δD) on ice cores (EPICA Community Members 2004, Petit et al. 1999). The final plot shows a reconstruction of global ice volume based on δ18O measurements on benthic foraminifera from a composite of globally distributed sediment cores and is scaled to match the scale of fluctuations in Antarctic temperature (Lisiecki and Raymo 2005). Note that changes in global ice volume and changes in Antarctic temperature are highly correlated, so one is a good estimate of the other, but differences in the sediment record do no necessarily reflect differences in paleotemperature. Horizontal lines indicate modern temperatures and ice volume. Differences in the alignment of various features reflect dating uncertainty and do not indicate different timing at different sites.

The Antarctic temperature records indicate that the present interglacial is relatively cool compared to previous interglacials, at least at these sites. The Liesecki & Raymo (2005) sediment reconstruction does not indicate significant differences between modern ice volume and previous interglacials, though some other studies do report slightly lower ice volumes / higher sea levels during the 120 ka and 400 ka interglacials (Karner et al. 2001, Hearty and Kaufman 2000).

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