Friday, June 3, 2016

Remember my story about Divive and Conqure....

"Divide and Conquer" then "Marshall Law".

Please think about this short story I'm going to share with you. Two brothers spotted an old loaf of bread that must have fallen from a merchants cart earlier in the morning. Both were hungry and divided the bread in half, a Politician watching from the side was also hungry. He stepped up and pointed out to one brother that his piece was smaller than his brothers and went on to say that it's a shame how his own brother was cheating him!

The other brother than said no, here we'll exchange our halves I would never cheat my brother. The Politician then says, see now that he has been caught he is willing to share, how many other times has he cheated you? As the brothers started to argue and soon began to fight, the smiling Politician reached down and took both halves for himself and ate as he walked down the street with a chuckle and a laugh. That my friends is "Divide and Conquer".

Looks like we are getting very close to all hell breaking out... blood in the streets will lead to "Marshall Law". Do we really want that? I have been saying for a while now, that I believe this has been the goal of Washington for some time now. IF, they can get us to fall apart with all the economic and social issues that THEY have created. IF, we take the bait and start attacking each other, THEY WIN. They get a Dictatorship and we get the Shaft.  Take care and be safe, stand by each other so they (Washington) doesn't get their most treasured dream, Rulers of America!

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