Friday, June 3, 2016

Remember my story about Divive and Conqure....

"Divide and Conquer" then "Marshall Law".

Please think about this short story I'm going to share with you. Two brothers spotted an old loaf of bread that must have fallen from a merchants cart earlier in the morning. Both were hungry and divided the bread in half, a Politician watching from the side was also hungry. He stepped up and pointed out to one brother that his piece was smaller than his brothers and went on to say that it's a shame how his own brother was cheating him!

The other brother than said no, here we'll exchange our halves I would never cheat my brother. The Politician then says, see now that he has been caught he is willing to share, how many other times has he cheated you? As the brothers started to argue and soon began to fight, the smiling Politician reached down and took both halves for himself and ate as he walked down the street with a chuckle and a laugh. That my friends is "Divide and Conquer".

Looks like we are getting very close to all hell breaking out... blood in the streets will lead to "Marshall Law". Do we really want that? I have been saying for a while now, that I believe this has been the goal of Washington for some time now. IF, they can get us to fall apart with all the economic and social issues that THEY have created. IF, we take the bait and start attacking each other, THEY WIN. They get a Dictatorship and we get the Shaft.  Take care and be safe, stand by each other so they (Washington) doesn't get their most treasured dream, Rulers of America!


Original Post - Thursday, August 27, 2015


The greatest thing we can do to limit government and GREATLY reduce the "Crony Capitalism" that is running a muck in Washington, is "Term Limits".

  • 2 Terms for the Presidency MUST stay!
  • 2 Terms for the Senate is the ONLY way to reduce the corruption there. They MUST be imposed RETROACTIVELY! Everyone that has already been there for two (2) terms CANNOT run again.
  • 4 Terms for the House of Representatives, again RETROACTIVE! 
  • a Ten (10) Year Limit to the Supreme Court!
Man by nature is corrupt, the more power the more corruption, absolute power absolute corruption! Term Limits is the only way to limit power! Term limits must be placed at the Federal AND State levels. To keep our Republic, the ONLY one that has ever existed. To survive we need and must have TERM LIMITS.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finally the Democrats are showing their true colors.

Well now it's really coming out, Bernie Sanders is overtaking Hillary Clinton and he doesn't hide that he is a straight up Socialist! It isn’t stopping all his support though, so at least the voter’s for Sanders can’t say they aren’t communist anymore.

The problem is that in the Republican party we still have a lot of Fascist. Either way we have too many communists in the US Congress. We need two parties for everything to work, but we need BOTH sides to be “Constitutionalist” first and Democrat or Republican second. They need to fight so that ALL laws are constitutional instead of how much wealth they will generate for the individual Congress members.  We need TERM LIMITS and the Elimination of the tax code which is the source of all their power. 4% to 6% Maximum federal tax is plenty. Take care and be safe.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Congratulations... History was made last night.

On Wed 11/5/2008 1:00 PM I sent out this email to my kids... they were schooled in California and by default have been indoctrinated in to the socialistic agenda of this state. I believe because of that, it is the main reason that they would not engage in any political discussion that was contrary to their indoctrination. So I sent out this "Congratulations" email.

Hi Kids,

Congratulations... History was made last night, and I mean that – as you know I never pick sides… I’m not a Republican and I’m not a Democrat – I’m an American… and I have a fight to pick with BOTH sides. I stand up for what I think is right.

Last night I cried… America finally elected a Black Man. The nations of the world will have to take notice of this monumental event… vindication of our great nation as a world leader and deserving of the admiration that we have enjoyed since our inception.

I watched Jessie Jackson crying, I saw Juan Williams on Fox News choke back tears… as an American, I too could not hold back my emotions as I saw this great event unfold. What a great precedent that has now been set for our nation… what greatness awaits us as we move forward now. The last barrier has finally been broken… no one can say America is racist any longer.

I have never believed in racism, I have never supported it, or condoned it – and now with the OJ trials and this election – that claim is forever broken. Only the true racist will still preach their hate and continue to condemn our nation as resist.

Yes, I’m very proud of what this election did and means, yes I cried from the pride I have in my country… and yes, this is a great event. Always remember, it was white men that fought and died beside ALL the other raises that freed the slaves in this country, and it was the white Republican men not Demarcates that voted the laws and the rights to the emancipated slaves and it was white Republican men and not Demarcates that died fighting the KKK after the Civil War. It is not white people in the world that are resist… it is the few racist people of all nationalities and backgrounds that cause all the trouble. All people are good by nature and all ethnic groups have their racist for what ever their reasons.

My only sadness is that a true “Socialist” is the one that holds this honor… I pray and hope, that he has experienced an epiphany, and realizes what this great nation was built on, and that he does NOT do the things he has said he wants to do. I hope he keeps his word of last night and works with BOTH parties to be the President of ALL of us and not just to the socialist who support him.

Time will tell, who he really is… and only he can choose the path he is on, I fear that he will continue on the path of his past, and I fear the damage that he and Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and now Gephardt again that he is bringing back will do to our country – moving us ever closer to socialism. Just like the housing market crashed allowed by Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Meeks, Maxine Waters and the Democratic Black Caucus that called the Republicans’ racist for attempting to investigate the Predatory lending and who stopped the Republican’s on 4 attempts from 2001 to now to bring regulation to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

email ended.

Well, now its 6+ years later.... and we have seen what happens when "Socialistic" ideas have free run without any real opposition by the vote. A basically 1 party system because the other is completely inept to do their job or keep their promises to fight.

Now is the time to fight for TERM LIMITS, end the corruption in our government or we will surly perish. Fascist one one side and Socialist on the other... we no longer have America.

Take care and be safe.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Why is it "illegal" to use hidden recordings in California?

Hummmm, have you ever wondered why it is illegal to secretly record or video tape conversations or meetings in California? Think about it, your boss or an ex or some bully is harassing and or threatening you. You can't get electronic evidence on them, unless of course you advise them that it is being recorded! Good luck with that. I can understand blackmail as a problem, and there are laws against that. Blackmail is a crime and should be. But defending yourself from people trying to abuse or harm you? No, that defiantly should not be illegal.

Now the "real" reason for the law.... think about it a second, it definitely isn't for what I just talked about. Have you realized what the real reason is yet? The real reason is so "We the People" cannot protect ourselves from Government Corruption, plain and simple.

They have cameras all over our streets and public places, they spy and collect our personal information in our tax returns, banks, cells, computers, web sites, emails you name it they are collecting it. They have cams in police cars and now on police vests.

But, should any citizen try to catch a corrupted politician or government official, all hell breaks out! No, I'm not talking about the exposed corruption, I'm talking about the undercover citizen that busted the corrupt politician or official! The only people in California that has more legal protection than our criminals are our pubic officials and politicians!

I should be able to "secretly" record anything and anyone I want, as long as I don't use it for blackmail in regards of criminal activities like extortion, etc. As long as it is for archives, documentation, personal or friends and family protection, property protection, evidence of crimes or corruption, or anything else, as long as it is not to be used in the committing of criminal activity.

We need Retroactive Term Limits, we need to clean house now. Take care and be safe.

Iran with a Nuke?

I cannot believe that our White House and BOTH the Democrats AND the Republicans are going to give Iran a nuclear weapon! Iran, a Unitary Theocracy, that has vowed to raise the ISIS flag over our White House and wipe Israel off the map in the next 25 years. Iran, driving and training and promoting international terror. Iran, supporter of ISIS who is "Crucifying" Christians and Muslims, Stabbing off heads, yes I said stabbing, they don't swiftly "Chop" them off. They repeatedly stab around the neck until they have the head in their hands. ISIS, burning people to death, drowning and filming them in cages under water as they try to escape. ISIS who are enslaving women and children for torture, rape and sex! OUR, government is enabling Iran and ISIS at OUR own demise.

While our government has us fighting with each other, breaking us into different groups so we are unorganized. They are stealing more and more power and wealth from US! At the same time giving a sworn enemy of the United States $150 billion and access to nuclear weapons!

As long as "We the People" are sepearted and devided, "We the People" are doomed to "what-ever" they, the govermant wants to take from us or do to us. How has that been working for YOU?

It is time for us all to get together, united as ONE against THEM, to impose and put in RETROACTIVE TERM LIMITS. We need to clean house now!

As long as we allow "Professional Politicians" we allow our lives to slowly be taken away, law by law. It is the Laws that they write to get what they want. Laws that silence us, enslave us, push us into fear of their power. So we reluctantly, give in to all their demands and greed.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Internet Blackmail?

I know many of you are a lot like me, I rely on the Internet for most of my research. Yes, I have to be very careful and mindful of the sources of that information. A lot of what is on the internet is just opinions of the people writing it without any fact checking. Like the news on TV and cable these days seems everyone has an agenda.... everyone has an opinion, facts are irrelevant. Data is based on "surveys" and not research. So be careful where you get your information, dose it seem to be backed up with facts or just numbers pulled out of their backside?

If you are a business owner, like myself, we are completely at the mercy of the internet. It is so easy to be targeted by so-called-watchdogs. Almost every rating group has a fee that they expect all business people to pay for a good rating. Some of you have seen it in the press, the shake-downs that has been occurring. Businesses once contacted, that don't pay, get poor ratings over night. Only negative reviews show up from nowhere. Stories are related that never happened. But, the damage to your reputation is real!

All I can say is, do your own checking. If you see a business and you are interested in it, try it yourself. Check it out, be careful in case it is true, but at least give it a good look. Don't miss out on something good because of "Blackmail" or "Revenge" reviews. It is so easy for bad people to hurt good people on the internet because there isn't any recourse for the business. No business can afford to pay ALL the fees from ALL the ratings companies without going out-of-business.

When it comes to business, the happy clients and customers don't go out of their way to say thank you or write good reviews, in a way, good service and products are expected, aren't they? Don't you expect good service and products? So there isn't any driving force compelling you to express the obvious. And it's fine with all of us in business, we don't expect to be praised for doing our job! The propblem is the people that can't be pleased or a morals-less competitor.... we all know some of them. Nothing you can do will ever satisfy them. Some people just look to cause trouble, some people get off on inflicting pain and grief. This is life.

So all I'm asking is to be aware that the internet makes hate and vindictiveness easy. Don't be used as a tool to hurt and ruin good people, but don't get taken by a bad business person either. Just be as fair minded as you can and understand that "Bad Reviews" are like "cockroaches" you can find them everywhere and are hard to kill and they multiply like crazy. On the other hand, happy people leave happy and really don't think about it, so good reviews are more rare and an unexpected pleasure to receive and treasure.

Take care and be safe.