Thursday, August 27, 2015


The greatest thing we can do to limit government and GREATLY reduce the "Crony Capitalism" that is running a muck in Washington, is "Term Limits".

  • 2 Terms for the Presidency MUST stay!
  • 2 Terms for the Senate is the ONLY way to reduce the corruption there. They MUST be imposed RETROACTIVELY! Everyone that has already been there for two (2) terms CANNOT run again.
  • 4 Terms for the House of Representatives, again RETROACTIVE! 
  • a Ten (10) Year Limit to the Supreme Court!
Man by nature is corrupt, the more power the more corruption, absolute power absolute corruption! Term Limits is the only way to limit power! Term limits must be placed at the Federal AND State levels. To keep our Republic, the ONLY one that has ever existed. To survive we need and must have TERM LIMITS.

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