Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finally the Democrats are showing their true colors.

Well now it's really coming out, Bernie Sanders is overtaking Hillary Clinton and he doesn't hide that he is a straight up Socialist! It isn’t stopping all his support though, so at least the voter’s for Sanders can’t say they aren’t communist anymore.

The problem is that in the Republican party we still have a lot of Fascist. Either way we have too many communists in the US Congress. We need two parties for everything to work, but we need BOTH sides to be “Constitutionalist” first and Democrat or Republican second. They need to fight so that ALL laws are constitutional instead of how much wealth they will generate for the individual Congress members.  We need TERM LIMITS and the Elimination of the tax code which is the source of all their power. 4% to 6% Maximum federal tax is plenty. Take care and be safe.

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